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Half a Lambo + Desert Vista = Special Moment


As I start working more and more with automotive photography as part of my job (both as photographer and editor), I’m starting to gain an appreciation for the remarkable skills that the professionals posses.

Crap outdoor press images are a dime a dozen (Japanese manufacturers tend to be particularly bad, I’ve just edited a collection where a certain manufacturer’s new C-Segment hatch was shot in what looks like a strip mall in suburban L. A. …). Something like the image above, on the other hand,  demonstrates a level of sophistication and artistry that, to my mind, elevates these often nameless photographers to the level of the Liebowitzes and Newtons of the “art” photography world.

Click on the pic to make it nice and big, settle back and open your eyes. I can almost guarantee your mind will be putting you in the driving seat within seconds…

Now that’s what I call emotional marketing.

(Image: Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.)

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