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Pico-projection as public art…or annoyance

A couple of days ago I posted about the amazing work of EasyWeb and their public projection installations. This serves as a follow up for those of us who can’t afford the super-expensive gear and can’t secure the rights to project onto the whole facade of some sublime building.

You may have heard about pico projection recently. It’s the latest buzz phrase in the mobile tech industry and the concept behind it is to make projection pocketable.

This is the show-reel of one of the guys developing the tech at Microvision and it demonstrates some pretty awesome effects and situations that can be achieved with something not much larger than a mobile phone.

The only question it raises for me is: will this become the new mobile phone loudspeaker? The only difference being that instead of music blaring out in the bus/train/mall from some young lout’s phone, it’ll be the latest horror/porn/brainless comedy flick being projected onto the walls of public spaces every where. The guys over at Digital Urban seem pretty excited but I’m not so sure it’s going to play out how they would like.

It’s a tech with so many creative possibilities but I’m afraid that in the hands of the wrong people, visual pollution is going to take on a whole new meaning…

More cool examples over at The Pico Underground

(Source: The Pico Underground)

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