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Volvos and Tchaikovsky = Banging good fun


You may or may not know that I have a secret passion for old Volvos. And not just the sexy ones that fall easily to mind like the P1800 or Amazon. No, even the 144s and 240s of this world cause a frisson in my loins. It’s something about the cold functionality they communicate through purity of line, solidity of proportion and amusing details like illuminated dash switches like those you’d find on an organ. I’ve owned two in my time and although they are long gone, I still wish I had them.

Anyway, on to today’s post! Volvo has recently launched the decidedly sexy XC60 SUV with the world-first City Safety system. This will prevent you from rear-ending another car in traffic as long as you’re travelling below 30 km/h.

To celebrate this amazing bit of technology, they’ve created this wonderful bit of marketing that takes a sly view on the path they’ve taken to this point. Poking fun at themselves is something Volvo has not been  predisposed to (the highly localised Bloody Volvo Driver campaign in Australia notwithstanding) so this ad marks a slight shift in their strategy, and one I think can only help them continue to reform and refine their image.

(Source: BrandFreak) (Image: Flikr)

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