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Social Media: The Followup


The other day I wrote a post about my discomfort with the combination of the pervasiveness of social media and the lack of nuance and subtlety provided by text -based communication. I put it that our willingness to be part of a, and share with a, community can overrule our desire to retain control over our personal information and that text can be an inflexible foe when trying to communicate with a deft touch. Bring these two together and you can have  miscommunication with horrifying outcomes.

Scott Lachut over at PSFK has written called The Psychology of Sharing and it provides a nice continuation of my line of thought from that post. Scott looks at what he considers to be the existential crisis of our age: the loss of ownership of ourselves to our online communities. As Scott says:

“We decided that to know and be known was a good thing, but never really thought it through.

“And now, regardless of who these people are or what their actual relationship to us might be, they are all granted equal access into every aspect of our lives. Sure, we still get to determine the details we allow them to see, but depending on how large and diverse our audience is, it becomes a complicated situation to navigate – though one of our own design.”

As I suggested the other day, Scott thinks that it may be time for us to take a step back for a minute and consider the picture we are building of ourselves in the online world before we give away to much of ourselves. Needless to say, for many of us it’s too late to regain complete control. Unless of course you have the guts to hit the “delete” button and disconnect.

Head on over to PSFK and read the full article and the related links. Fascinating stuff.


The Psychology of Sharing | PSFK.

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