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No, no, NO! This is not a DS!


A couple of days ago I wrote about Citroen’s decision to revive the DS moniker as a premium brand.

This is the underwhelming result. The “DS Inside” concept looks like Citroen’s take on a Mini, mashed up with a bit of SUV and MPV for good measure. I don’t actually mind it’s bull-dog stance, bi-color paint and funky B-Pillar/glazing treatment but what kind of a name is “DS Inside”? If there is a Déesse inside, she’d be screaming to be let out of her dowdy purgatory so she can resume her rightful place in automotive heaven.

I don’t have a problem with Citroen trying to shift up market (hey, all the mid market manufacturers are trying it) but I think it’s an epic mistake to sully the DS name with a car that doesn’t come anywhere near the sheer fabulousness of the original. Although images of the interior have not yet been leaked, I’m pretty certain that it won’t turn this particular personal nightmare into a dream come true.

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  1. Rob says:

    It kind of looks like a RAV4!

  2. drewpasmith says:

    Yeah, you’re not far wrong there Rob. What on earth are they thinking!?

  3. Jean-Pierre says:

    Pfff… you and your ignorant foreign opinion! Citroen is not about conforming to your — how you say — traditional notions of “beauty” and “luxury”! Goddesses come in all shapes and sizes! Look at Oprah Winfrey, for example. Va te faire…!!!

  4. drewpasmith says:

    It’s an honour to have your comment here Jean-Pierre! I’ve clearly touched a raw nerve with my comments on the DS Inside but I honestly do believe, as do many other designers I’ve spoken to, that to use the DS name on such a car does Citroen no favours. As I indicated in the post, I don’t actually mind the way the car looks and I think it sits nicely on trend and is a fun evolution of Citroen’s current design language.

    Call me nostalgic, and yes even traditional, but I’m sure you recognise what an earth-shattering car the original DS was. It’s my humble opinion, subjective notions of beauty and luxury aside, that this car does not live up to the original. The question here is not of luxury or beauty, it’s a question of spirit and honouring a car that changed the way people thought about personal transportation. The DS spirit would be better served by something seductive and full of French ingéniosité et savoir faire, not this likeable but ultimately “normal” car.

    Now as for calling me ignorant, foreign and telling me to me “faire…!!!”, c’est simplement désagréable!

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