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The March of the Wireframes


I’ve been meaning to post about this wicked chair for a while now but have only just got around to finding some support material for the post.

This creation came from the mind of a young Korean designer, Jaebeom Jeong, and is the first in a series of wireframe pieces he’s working on.

To give credit where credit is due, Jaebeom is not the first guy to play around with this notion. Thomas Raschke has been working in the same realm (with a more complex, less visually sophisticated outcome) since the early 00s and I first came across this type of work when Intersection covered the work of Benedict Radcliffe. Am I sensing a trend here? It’s Benedict’s work I want to close with because it’s all about cars and it looks, in a word, wicked.


(Images:  Jaebeom JeongBenedict Radcliffe)

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