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Yes, yes, YES! This is a DS!

This also happens to have just been named as the “Most Beautiful Car of All Time” by Classic & Sportscar.

The result wasn’t gleaned from any old survey of C&S readers, either. The panel of 20 included Ian Callum (Jaguar XK), Marcello Gandini (Lamborghini Cuntach, Lanica Stratos), Leonardo Fioravanti (Ferraris Datona, Dino and 308GTB) and the legendary Giorgetto Giugiaro (Fiat Panda, VW Golf Mk 1, Lotus Esprit).

Amongst them, these boys have designed some of the most beautiful and iconic vehicles of the 20th and 21st century (other than the DS) so for all to agree that the DS is tops is a recommendation that comes with megaton weight behind it.

Sadly, the story has a downside:


Look at this modern “DS” and tell me with a straight face that it in any way lives up to the beauty and mystique of the original. I dare you… No, I didn’t think so.

Let us raise our glasses to post-humously congratulate the Citroen of 1955, Flaminio Bertoni and his beautiful Déesse  and wish the Citroen of 2009 the best as they learn to play with branding fire.

Classic & Sportscar via Car Body Design.

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