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Monday Morning Madness: Ferrari Modulo

As a kid the Paolo-Martin penned Modulo, though only ever seen in books, scared the living daylights out of me. It still does.

I simply couldn’t understand how it could look so otherworldly and still be a car. There is a latent, alien malevolence to it that continues to send chills up my spine. It’s hard to believe, slightly dated details aside, that this Ferrari 512 S-based monster slithered into the world at the 1970 Geneva show.

The question is, seeing as I don’t think there’s been a concept as outrageous since, who’s going to top it?

[Found via Jalopnik]

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  1. Massimo says:

    Hi Drew,
    how not to agree! Outrageous otherworldly!
    As you put it: who’s going to top it? And Especially when?

    Well you see, since my past in Pininfarina I was use to go in research of the more advance design made by us.

    Then you discover so much about many cars and the right here Modulo. The fact is that the car itself, even if with a general initial ok from the management was developed completely keeping all the management on the dark side, mostly during a summer closure of the company and when first presented to the company (1968) was stopped. Pininfarina was kind of advance but not that much, this was too provoking and the company was scared about the opinion of the media.

    Nevertheless some saint in the sky some months later was helping to restore the project. And the Modulo was going to happen.

    SO who’s going to top it?

    You see that was time when men kind just arrive on the Moon (with the Apollo missions) and the all world was inspired by what some few astronauts and engineers had achieved. During that time they inspired so much; including creatives, and some car designer in the outskirts of Turin.
    Who eventually come up with the Modulo.

    Now here back to your question who is going to top it?

    Well to Top it, you need to have a font of inspiration as big, if not bigger of human conquering space, you need to have that genuine madness that inspire and progress the world.

    You, ultimately, need to have a more prone human kind to intellectual conquering.

    And i am sorry to say, right now I don’t see anything close or even near to it. (even if some guys in more recent years have tried to come up with some breaking ground ideas).

    SO Are the Modulo, The Bats unbeatable?
    Maybe yes.
    But for sure the industry as is structure right now, does not help too much designer around the world to “challenge” them.

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