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Ferrari 599? Not so much. Ferrari 599 in matt black? YES!


Having enjoyed a lovely lunch with the even more lovely Lady Nogrady in Marylebone, we set off to find a place for a coffee.

Low and behold, parked with impunity in the Baker Street bus lane, was this wonderfully sinister Ferrari 599.

Normally not much a fan of the new Fazzas (has there been a truly poetic stallion since the F355 or 456?), this machine drew me in like a moth to the matt black flame. No mere wrapping job, this appeared to be a full re-spray. It was also fitted with a (relatively) subtle carbon fiber body kit for good measure.

Seems the traffic cops were similarly attracted, judging by the growing pile of parking tickets under the wiper.

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  1. Brian DR1665 says:

    That is *so* hot. I love that he’s parked it in a bus lane as well. “Write me a ticket. I can afford it.” What surprised me was your mention of multiple tickets? Can you be cited multiple times for the same infraction on the same incident in the UK?

  2. drewpasmith says:

    Having never had the misfortune to be in a situation to get multiple tickets in the UK (and having got off on technicalities each time I did get a ticket) I’m not the bloke to ask. And yes, the way it was parked only fuelled my preconceived ideas about the type of person who has a car as wilfully outré as this 😉

  3. this is a f**king sexy beast of a car…. i love the matt black.. soooo sexy…

  4. will says:

    i have a pic of this exact car on my phone, that very one, i live 300 miles away, but ive touched this car!

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