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Ever wondered what a Design Strategist does? Ralf Beuker's got you covered…

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Coming back to Sydney after almost four years away, I’m getting a lot of questions about what I actually do for a living these days. Although I’m getting to cocktail party spiel down pat, Raph Goldsworthy over at Design Droplets has just published a fascinating interview with Ralf Beuker (design management luminary and all ’round nice guy) that’s helping me enormously when discussion about the weather has been exhausted.

Full of wonderful insights into the different roles designers and design can play within companies, Ralf covers the full spectrum of design strategy, design management and how design thinking can be applied business-wide, from operational matters up to the corporate level.

Head over to Design Droplets and read one of Raph’s best interviews yet.

[Picture: neutralSurface/Flikr licensed under Creative Commons]

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  1. designdroplets says:

    Thanks for the plug. Are you staying in Sydney longer term now? Ralf (FYI you have the wrong spelling above) certainly does have a lot of insights to share and many of them are explained in depth in the interview. He was a fantastic interviewee.

  2. drewpasmith says:

    Hey Raph,

    It’s a pleasure to plug your excellent work. I know I get a lot out of it, as do many of the people I talk to.

    I’m possibly down in Melbourne the week after next. Would you be keen to meet up?

    Cheers for the comment,


    P.S Spelling fixed 😉

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