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Quote of the Day: Wrong but Not Edition

“REPORT: Dodges to be rebranded as Alfa Romeos in Europe”

Chris Shunk, Autoblog


Oh, but wait:

Picture 11

Sergio Marchione says that the two brands share the same core identity. He’s not wrong there…

[Source: Autoblog, Autocar]

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  1. Massimo says:

    yes, Dodge re-branded Alfa, and maybe Alfa re-branded Dodge..depending on which side of the Atlantic you are..

    Fact is: that all the Alfa’s are in first FIAT.

    (mito = grande punto; new milano = Bravo, 159 = New Croma, 166 = Old Fiat Croma, Lancia Kappa).

    So what basically we could end up (sorry the Americans) are FIAT underneath re-branded DODGE.

    That sound pretty crazy right??

    if this is the Automotive industry…Automotive industry deserve to go bankrupt…

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