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Usain Bolt = worlds fastest man. Ferrari California = world’s most challenging butt

People used to get all uppity about the appearance of the full-blooded Bangle-butt on BMWs of yore. No matter how many times I talked about how it was defining a new proportion for luxury saloons and had demonstrable benefits in terms of trunk space, I’d always get shot down trying to justify it.

Well, all of a sudden, Bangle’s bottom is looking a sinuous and seductive as the c-pillar/haunch interface on an air-cooled 911 ’cause Ferrari done got a whole lotta booty-clappin’ going on.

I’ve no doubt there are those who will tell me that the Cali’s trunk can swallow 2 golf bags with room for the owner’s ego to spare while giving the ultimate in security and pose-ability. Those same folk will also opine on how it opens up a whole new market (of desperate housewives) to the illustrious Prancing Horse brand by virtue of it’s accessibility and versatility. They’ll also talk about just how hard it is to manage the volumes and shut lines when working with folding hard tops. Whatever.

Ferraris are meant to be avant-garde poetry in motion. The California’s butt is cockney rhyming slang after one too many ciders.

Indeed, on reflection it’s funny how things come full circle. The best hard-top cabriolet butt in the business? Why, that would belong to the BMW Z4

P.S I know the trunk is popped. It’s still not cool…

[Image Source: WENN via Jalopnik]

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  1. Massimo says:

    California has not the world’s most challenging butt…..California has the ugliest ever seen on earth butt….(of all genre)…..

    Just consider the rear face….then make a similitude with a human face or any face (animal, etc)….what you get is:

    – a pretty fat guy with the eye looking nowhere (the rear lamps),
    – the mouth as sad as is somebody in the family just died (the fascia that integrates the plate),
    – a very long jaw not even David Coulthard, (look how low goes the lower mask)
    – and finally with 2 big tears dropping off (the exhaust)…

    ULTIMATELY the ugliest and the sadest (most sad), page in Ferrari design history….

  2. English Language Police says:

    Don’t you mean “challenged” as opposed to “challenging”, Mr Smith?

  3. admin says:

    Max, my dear Max. I’m so glad I can always rely on you to blow diplomacy clear out of the water. While I dabble around the edges, you just jump right in. Your analysis of the graphics had me both laughing and crying at the injustice of it all. That your national pride can be put aside in dealing with such a crime is most refreshing. Let’s see if the 458 Italia can redress this horrible imbalance.

  4. admin says:

    Dear English Language Police,

    Firstly, I know who you are. You speak American, so any debate with you on the topic of the English language is a moot point.

    The choice of challenged or challenging depends on whether one wants to communicate:

    a) that the butt is challenged in the euphemistic, special olympics sense and no further debate can be entered into on the subject


    b) that the butt is challenging the observer to find the beauty within, without or, indeed, anywhere about it’s person.

    The first one shuts debate down by suggesting a fait-accompli. The second leaves the question of beauty or otherwise open to questioning. And questioning is what this is all about. I’d hate to become to arbiter of all that is good and bad in automotive design. In such a situation I would have come right out with my own opinion in the headline: that the Cali has the ugliest butt in the industry right now. Debate is much more enjoyable and, one hopes, useful. Thus we arrive at my choice of words.

    I hope you enjoyed English Semantics 101.

    Kind regards,

    English Language Pedant

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