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DSUD Podcast #1: Joe Simpson on the Geneva Motorshow

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It had to happen at some point and I’ve now gone and done it: I’ve made a podcast.

In true Coventry alumni tradition, it’s a bit rough-and-ready but by God we tried!

For this edition I chat – at length – with the erstwhile Joe Simpson about the production reveals from the Geneva Show. Sitting somewhere between a podcast and a vodcast, this slodcast (slideshow podcast, natch) slates and salutes the cars of note.

Next week, we’re aiming to bang out a review of the concepts for your audiovisual enjoyment. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Massimo says:

    Podcast was a great idea to cover the GNV motorshow,
    so let’s start from the cars:

    AM Cygnet: simply nonsense, all way round;

    Audi A1: you pointed out well SUPER classic Audi style, but will be a money maker, plus although not fantastic, it is not bad.

    Lexus CT200h: do understand the dilettantism of Toyota/Lexus designers; simply look at the A pillar in both concept and production car; then compare it to the C pillar. It is not enough to have a premium brand to charge silly money.
    I would not be surprise if something big will happen to the Lexus brand.

    Alfa Giulietta: More than pigs, they look TAPIR, this noses go to low down. A tapir in fact. At least they tried something; but still not yet an Alfa.

    Nissan Micra: RIDICULOUS, more worry as you said the designer got paid for it. The rear face is simply coming from a different century, long long in the past, before the BAROQUE, i would say.


    MINI Country CLUB: try to be a money maker…IT WON’T…

    KIA SPORTAGE: The best of them all, seriously, and that said everything.

    BMW 5 SERIES: it does not do anything better than the existing…and bear in in mind I am NOT a Bangle fan…need to add more.

    DACIA: guys are we joking? You can’t compare that with the SIMCA.

    LED: a technology dead before is born.

    SHOULDER LINE: as mention very few are able to deal with mm (millimeters); most of them are able to deal with AXES.

    1 Final Comment and 1 NOTE

    The Comment: If Renault do not deliver with LVDA and Anthony Lo, they are in trouble, and the fact that they have this 2 guys, does not means secure success.

    THE NOTE: DREW your intro to the podcast was simply AMAZING. SPOT ON. Wait for the concept car part.

  2. Hey Drew,

    Fantastic podcast I really enjoyed listening to it. It is good to see some one being so proactive in the design auto space and I wish you all the best with the podcast and look forward to hearing more!


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