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Paola Antonelli on the future of design

I’ve just flicked through the latest issue of The Economist and found cause for pause when I saw the headline quote “Design takes over…” buried on page 109.

It’s attributed to Paola Antonelli, senior curator of Architecture and Design at MOMA. She goes on to say:
Theoretical designers will be exquisite generalists – a bit like French philosophers, but ready to roll up their sleeves. Applied designers will visualise complex infrastructures and systems so that scientists, policymakers and the general public can influence them…
“This grand new era has already begun. Design is moving centre-stage in the eternal human quest to make beauty out of necessity.”

Heady stuff indeed and, of course, she has a somewhat vested interest in pushing the cause. Still, made me feel all warm and gooey inside about where Sense is sitting on the theoretical/applied continuum.

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