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Exhibition: Reverting to Type

In between the madness of the Christmas/New Year period and jetting off to Detroit for the NAIAS today (that’s North American International Auto Show for the uninitiated) I managed to find time to see a rather lovely little exhibition down Hoxton way.

Being held at the Standpoint Gallery, Reverting to Type is a celebration of the resurgence of letterpress as a printing technique with global collaborations ‘twixt poets, printers and designers on display. Some of the prints will be familiar to those of you who frequent stores like Nelly Hess on Columbia Road of a Sunday but there’s enough new and thoroughly delightful material to keep the letterpress habitué interested. As a bonus, many of the works (in their unframed state) are priced in the “don’t think twice” category.

Reverting to Type
Standpoint Gallery,
45 Coronet St,
London N1 6HD

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