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Quantifying the self à la Nick Feltron just got appier

The quantified self is something we’ve been chatting about for a while at Sense (seems others are too, to whit the inaugural Quantified Self Conference being held in 2011). Yet it’s always seemed that unless you had the anally-retentive data capturing habits of Nick Feltron, graphing the time you spend on the loo over a course of a year was always going to be a bit of hard work.
Feltron, along with Ryan Case, clearly felt our pain and have released DAYTUM, an iPhone app that simplifies and streamlines the process of capturing, quantifying and visualising the ephemera of life.
Obscure/bizarre/retch-inducing metrics in the comments please. Actually, on second thoughts…

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  1. Ben Kraal says:

    I used to use Daytum to track a bunch of boring stuff like cups of caffeine consumed, split by tea, coffee and cola, and number of emails received, split by directly-to-me and not-directly-to-me and each of those split by actionable and not-actionable.

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