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London Mornings Get Creative

Since 2007, creative types in New York have been attending Creative Mornings, an event organised by the effervescent Tina Roth Eisenberg a.k.a. SwissMiss. These free sessions combine an inspiring 20 minute presentation (previous speakers include Milton Glaser and Khoi Vinh) with 20 minutes of conversation over coffee and bagels to kick-start the day.

Drew watched with envy as the concept rolled out to L.A., San Francisco and Zurich and wondered why there wasn’t something like it in London. To put his envy to bed, he made a really dodgy video with Raj and pleaded with Tina to let him be the host of the London chapter.

And so it was.

With the first session kicking off in July (date TBC), we’re really looking forward to welcoming the London creative community to the Sense Worldwide loft for a chat, a coffee and a Bruno’s Bacon Butty.

If you’d like to come along or get involved as a speaker or a helper, please email Drew (drewpasmith at senseworldwide dot com) with CMLDN in the subject line. We’re keen to have the talks move around in London, so if you’d like to offer up your venue, get in touch too!


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