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High flying and flying high


As mentioned in last week’s Cerebral Snacks, we had our 3 month internal review last Friday. This event saw the launch of our values (more news on that front in a future post) as well as the first showing of our new one-page website.

After some of the more serious activities we set to work on transforming specially bought-in plain kites with decorative card and paper, Copydex (oh, yes, nostalgic memories of eating this glue when we were kids caused many animated conversations), neon oil pastels, stick-on eyes, a dash of paint and – of course – the obligatory creative studio essential the Sharpie pen!

After adorning our lovely kites we took them into the shimmering autumn sun in Hyde Park and attempted* to fly them. Here are some images from the event.

*Notice the word ‘attempted’. Due to the cardboard-sculpted ‘body kits’ added to some of the kites (designers, eh!) and a rather sporadic and untrustworthy westerly wind, not everyone managed to free their kites into the Hyde Park air currents.

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