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CreativeMornings/London Interviews: David Barrie

After a CreativeMornings Christmas/New Year break, it gives me enormous pleasure to introduce our first speaker for 2012, David Barrie.

In an era where we’re exhorted to be more active in our communities but struggle -perhaps through lack of practice, perhaps due to a lack of suitable infrastructure- David’s been building the platforms and imparting the knowledge to bring communities back together.

His passionate drive for participative urban regeneration has seen projects launched all over the country, successfully harnessing the latent creativity and capability of citizens to bring about positive change.

With a continued focus on how the creative sector can make a positive contribution to broader society, something that Chris Bangle riffed on at CreativeMornings/London August, David’s sure to make another great contribution to the dialogue.

Read our usual interview with David below and make sure to set your alarms for 11:00 am on Monday, January 23 to secure your tickets.

David Barrie will be appearing at CreativeMornings/London on Friday January 27th at Buro Happold at at 71 Newman St, W1T 3AH. For more information and to reserve tickets, please go to the CreativeMornings London Eventbrite page.


Where do you go when you need to concentrate?
Put my headphones on and listen to either Black Dog or Hammock.

Is it about what you know or who you know?
Who you know.

What’s been the most pivotal point in your life thus far?
When my wife had our first child and when I was imprisoned in Liberia in 2000 on false charges of espionage.

Do you think there’s enough discourse between disciplines?

Can you teach innovation?

Dollar or Yuan?

Do you believe in an afterlife?

Negative or positive freedom? 

Ideal holiday?
Beach – or secluded sunny hilltop

Can you draw?

Can you draw us a wave?

Individual or state (or both)?

Favourite LP?
Recently, EP. Band called Daughter. EP called His Young Heart.
Best LP. Jesus Zola, Conatus.

Last book read?
Peter Ackroyd, Turner

The best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
It’s all about tone.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be where you are?
Know what you love

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