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Audi advertising: changing the conversation.

Over at Pistonheads, there’s a lovely little dissection of the current state of performance car advertising.

Gone are the days when out-and-out hooliganism could be used to highlight the dynamic virtues of a vehicle, the advertising censors have made it so.

So what does Audi do to sell the sex without the speed?

Put your headphones on, turn up the volume and clap your peepers on this:

Sexy, non?

It’s all there: 4-wheel traction, grumbling V10 engine, full-bore acceleration, rapid-fire gear shifts, screaming V10 engine (oh, the induction noise!), glowing manifolds and flames-freaking-flames on the downshifts.

It’s a brutal, all-out assault, all conducted while standing still.

Full credit to the ad agency: they couldn’t change the rules, so they changed the conversation in a marvellously subversive way.

But I wonder if it’s a little too subversive for its own good. It seems to undermine the very premise of the car itself, the sad reality being that the majority of owners will never experience the performance portrayed with any great regularity.

No matter, I guess. The ad is like the car is like the dream: both sublime and ridiculous.

And all the better for it.



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  1. Rob says:

    Très sexy!

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