Drew Smith: ethnographer, strategist and host of Rising Minds

About Me

  • I’m a strategist, designer and project lead at Sense Worldwide, a leading insight, innovation and transformation agency based in Soho, London.
  • I combine a love of people and big picture thinking to create transformative, people-centred strategies. In short, I bring the consumer to the C-Suite. I’ve done this for the world’s biggest financial, pharmaceutical, automotive and telecommunications companies. I’ve also done this for students.
  • I’ve helped a pharmaceutical company stop pushing pills and patents and start delivering health and wellbeing.
  • I’ve helped a bank rebuild their business model around the things that humans value.
  • I’ve helped a phone company design for people, not statistics.
  • I’ve helped a car company understand the future of sharing and the joys of serendipity.
  • I’ve helped students build the value of their own brands.
  • And I’m a chief culture officer in the making.


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